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Revival challenges for humanity
A cheer from the heart, “Never Give Up”

The Fukko Expo is a volunteer group to support independent recovery of victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Post the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, our organization was formed by volunteer designers, photographers, journalists, et al. We support fukko (rehabilitation and reconstruction) of the victims, by the victims, for the victims, with support of profession and skill of each member.

For us the people of earth who are always exposed to natural disasters and man-made disasters including wars or conflicts. Fukko is a challenge in human destiny. That's why we honor those who promote the progress of fukko, those who rise without giving up after suffering serious damage. And we support them while binding through friendship.

As well as reconstruction of the surface material and the economy, fukko begins with a "fukko of the heart", recovery in psychological terms. Boosting the fukko of the heart by the power and wisdom of culture, we aim to realize independent recovery with dignity.

NPO法人 復興博 (東京都認証)

email: info@fukkohaku.org